ISO 22301:2012 Certification

In the modern world, Business Continuity is the key to the sustenance and growth for any organisation. With an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) based on ISO 22301:2019, organisations can build resilience and capability to support and run critical processes and activities without disruptions. Health & safety issues, natural calamities, cyber attacks are few of the many unforeseen incidents that affect organisations and may lead to heavy losses of people and property. BCMS protects organisations from long term risks and is one the most critical components of the recovery strategy. To support your organisation in implementing an effective BCMS, TÜV SÜD South Asia is pleased to offer Auditor/Lead Auditor Training on BCMS based on ISO 22301:2019. This comprehensive five-day course comprises of case studies, training and role-plays to ensure that participants thoroughly understand the role of an auditor / lead auditor and acquire the expertise needed to perform effective audits.

Benefits :
  • The purpose and key elements of business continuity management
  • Roles and skill required by an auditor / lead auditor
  • The auditing concepts and principles

who should attend?
  • Business Continuity, Information Security, Risk professionals, IT and Operations managers or consultants who seek to master the Business continuity Management System audit process
  • Internal or External Business continuity Management System Auditors
  • Operations core group members responsible for establishing, implementing, maintaining, auditing and improving Business Continuity Management Systems
  • Experts who have a role to play in the implementation of Business Continuity Management System